Technology for small business doesn’t have to be confusing.

ERP, CRM, CMS – what do all these things mean? For an entrepreneur or small business owner, technology – even technology for small business – can be intimidating. That’s why SMB Soup was created. Formerly known as the Houston Entrepreneurship Examiner, SMB Soup has been reborn as a resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners to get a handle on the alphabet soup of technology.

Marketing for small business doesn’t have to be confusing, either.

Social media. Content marketing. Advertising. There are a lot of options when it comes to marketing for small business. Choosing the options that work for your business means weeding through the hype and knowing what will provide real ROI.

Our news coverage focuses on important technology releases and marketing developments. We also publish guides to software for entrepreneurs, including the all-important enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools that serve as the backbone of businesses.

Marketing and technology change quickly. It’s worth it to stay on top of trends – so that your small business can be on top of its competitors. Don’t be intimidated; SMB Soup breaks down technology for small business and marketing for small business so that you can do what you do best: run your business.