Can you build your own business apps? Over the weekend, business management software company Odoo released software to build your own business apps. Known as Odoo Studio, the software boasts an intuitive user interface that lets SMBs build their apps with drag and drop blocks. No developer skills are required.

Build your own business apps with drag and drop

Drag and drop makes it easy to add fields and options to pre-existing views. Businesses that have a development team aren’t replacing them, however. Odoo¬†Studio also allows them to create app prototypes or module skeletons. The developer mode in Odoo Studio includes an XML editor and technical features.

Additionally, Odoo invites customization. Any Odoo standard application can be customized via Studio: adding a field, changing a name or reorganizing menus, to name a few. The drag and drop interface allows for quick and easy changes.

Odoo offers a lot of apps in its marketplace, 30 in total. The data is integrated throughout the Odoo system, and Odoo Studio is no different. It integrates with existing Odoo apps, allowing users to benefit from existing default features, as well as integrate existing apps with new apps built in Odoo studio.

The 30 apps plus customization also means more industries can take advantage of custom business apps. Most Odoo apps are already 85% of the way there; with Odoo Studio, businesses can finish customizing the apps to specific industries, like real estate. Odoo Studio, for example, now allows for property and land management with a few clicks.

For small businesses, being able to build your own business apps may prove to be a competitive advantage. Odoo¬†offers open source ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) apps, and the addition of Odoo Studio means SMBs can customize them to specific needs. Odoo already boasts 2 million users, so it’s tried and tested – and some of its customers are large businesses. It’s worth a look if you’ve outgrown Excel or Quickbooks.