What makes something catch on, go viral and become the next big thing? For entrepreneurs, they may have that next big thing percolating, but without an infectious marketing campaign, those ideas may never make it to the bank. Enter Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger. In Contagious, Berger details what makes things popular and how to make almost anything contagious.

Right off the bat, Berger gives the example of the $100 cheese steak, which launched the restaurant that offered it into the popularity stratosphere. The entrepreneur that started the restaurant wanted it to be the best steakhouse in Philadelphia, so he souped up the lowly cheese steak into something gourmet – then charged $100 for it and served it with premium champagne. The result? Everyone wanted to try one of these amazing sandwiches.

Running through social currency, triggers, emotion, public, practical value and stories, Berger makes the case for a secret science behind business popularity. Contagious offers actionable steps for entrepreneurs who want their businesses to go viral, using his STEPPS method based on the secret science, leveraging word of mouth and other guerrilla marketing tactics to boost brand awareness and sales.

A must-read for any entrepreneur, Contagious will kick-start your marketing conversations and lead you down the pathway to an infectious campaign.