A lot of organizations, particularly small businesses and entrepreneurs, require content marketing advice. It’s often a struggle to create compelling content and leverage that content to their advantage. Yesterday, Nov. 2, MarketingProfs brought a one-day workshop to Houston, Content Rules, and attendees had the opportunity to learn about solving their content marketing challenges in an interactive setting at the Hotel Indigo at the Galleria.

Michael Brenner, head of strategy at NewsCred and the former vice president of marketing and content strategy at software giant SAP, facilitated the intimate content marketing advice workshop of eight people. There is space for 30 marketers, but a small group like this made it possible to address questions on a very individual level. Each attendee received a workbook that was slightly outdated, as Brenner had updated the workshop slides and presentation to incorporate feedback from previous sessions (but the workbook is still chock-full of useful notes and content marketing templates). The workshop also included a laminated cheat sheet boiling down the content rules, a copy of Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) that Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business, and a bonus marketing campaign survival kit. (Lunch and snacks were also provided.)

Brenner started off the morning by showing the Always #LikeAGirl video to inspire attendees. It was the first of many examples he used to show what content marketing could do. And lest there was any question that B2B companies can’t have fun with content marketing, he also cited a few examples like CMO.com (run by software company Adobe) and the American Express Open Forum.

In fact, the whole day was peppered with examples of content marketing in video and written format, as well as content marketing advice that attendees could bring back to their offices immediately. Attendees participated in exercises, bouncing off ideas from each other for their own challenges. It wasn’t a typical “let’s go through slides” workshop; Brenner led it as more of a discussion and wove in how to use the content rules to your advantage as a marketer. The workshop covered everything from the buyer’s journey to how to use SEO, with advice on telling stories and trying new things. Basically, everything in the course was more than just a high-level overview; it was actionable. And with such a small group, Brenner could answer more specific questions.

Overall, Content Rules is a great way for marketers to learn more about content marketing. There was a “pre-course” done online that laid the foundation for those new to content marketing, and MarketingProfs also uses MindMarker to reinforce the lessons learned in the workshop. You’re taking away more than just a bunch of statistics and pie-in-the-sky ideas. The best part is the action you can take the next day when you get back to your office, and Brenner was a great choice to lead the workshop, as he has been there, done that, and managed to get SAP’s content strategy to take flight.

This is one of those must-attend workshops if you’re serious about content marketing. If you missed the Houston workshop, you can still catch Brenner in Austin tomorrow, Nov. 4. Otherwise, book a flight to LAX for Content Rules in Santa Monica, Calif. on Nov. 30 or John Wayne Airport (SNA) to hit the Dec. 2 workshop in Irvine, Calif. (And you can probably get a reasonable Southwest nonstop flight to SNA from HOU!)