Crowdcusp, an online crowdfunding platform, officially launched today, Sept. 19, to support budding entrepreneurs and offer opportunities to finance their businesses in exchange for rewards. Family, friends or people with an interest in supporting a new business can show their support by joining a pool of investors (“funders”) and mentors willing to help a developing business grow and achieve success.

To become a member of Crowdcusp and a recipient of its funds, entrepreneurs must submit pitches and business plans complete with financial forecasts. In exchange for funds, funders can expect rewards. The type of rewards are determined by the entrepreneurs – but the biggest reward is helping a small business get a toehold in today’s competitive market.

Crowdcusp offers more than just money. Developing entrepreneurs can also receive mentorship, coaching and life-time business relationships that can help their businesses flourish. Crowdcusp fosters new relationships and helps budding entrepreneurs help themselves by forming solid relationships and online networking.

On his web site,, Founder Jason Moore writes, “Crowdcusp is about much more than just raising money. Feedback, press, and business mentors are sometimes just as valuable as the money raised. Helping you to build a community of people eager to help your business become a success is a powerful force to be reckoned with.”

Crowdcusp wants to give the average person an opportunity to achieve business ownership and funders an opportunity to build their investment portfolios while supporting promising businesses. Crowdcusp gives its entrepreneurs and business owners a new way to raise business finance by tapping into a “crowd” of like-minded individuals who are willing to invest large or small amounts of money in exchange for rewards. And for the high-tech entrepreneur, there’s no better way to get connected to the right network of people to get your business underway or get the funding that’s needed to ensure its success.

Crowdcusp provides a comprehensive mix of advantages. People can financially support international businesses, local businesses in their community and underserved businesses. What’s more, Crowdcusp’s entrepreneurs quickly access the funds they need while benefitting from investor expertise. Crowdcusp is a new way to invest in today’s rapidly-growing virtual market place. The benefits of joining Crowdcusp are mutual between entrepreneur and funder.