For personal trainers, word of mouth gets clients to buy sessions. Using Facebook, personal trainers can build that word of mouth momentum. Today, July 19, fitness expert Bedros Keuilian released his top seven Facebook marketing tips for personal trainers, fitness professionals, and health and wellness entrepreneurs.

Set up a squeeze page.

Squeeze pages let you capture your prospects’ emails and other contact information so that you can send promotions. If you work for a larger company, you can use one from their website, Keuilian said in a prepared statement.

Leverage shareable content.

Tips, recipes and other shareable content helps your followers promote your page naturally. Free e-books also help grab your prospects’ and clients’ attention, Keuilian said.

Encourage testimonials and reviews.

Part of building trust is encouraging your clients to write authentic reviews on Facebook. Keep your comment wall open, even to negative feedback.

Offer deals on Facebook.

You might be able to pull someone in with something that saves her a couple extra dollars or even a free introductory session, according to Keuilian.

Encourage Facebook check-ins.

Facebook check-ins show up on your clients’ news feeds. When their friends log in to Facebook, they see that your client has been at your facility and may be interested in checking it out for themselves.

Tag your clients on Facebook.

With their permission, tag your clients on Facebook while they’re fulfilling a goal: benching their body weights, completing a clean or deadlifting.

Use promoted posts.

If you have the budget, spring for a promoted post on Facebook. This makes the post appear at the top of news feeds, making the promoted post more visible to prospects and current clients, according to Keuilian. Promoted posts are great if you’re running a special.