In service businesses, time tracking can be difficult. Today, February 21, Function Point Productivity Software released an updated time tracking app for iOS. Geared toward helping users stay focused and organized no matter where they work, the tool is being touted by users as simple and accessible.

The free app integrates with Function Point’s existing software. When companies pull in information from the time tracking app to the project management software, they can view more accurate data on how much time is spend on specific projects and clients. This leads to better business decisions and can help quote and price future projects.

Function Point’s app also provides three ways for users to track their time. It helps employees focus on the task, rather than tracking time. It also works without WiFi or data coverage by storing timesheets offline and then syncing to the Function Point project management software.

Professional services firms, particularly those with employees that travel to client sites, can benefit from a time tracking app that syncs to project management software. Even as a standalone app, this helps accurately bill clients and estimate project hours. Using the complementary project management software provides business owners with a better view of how employees are performing and the overall health of the business.

“Now more than ever, people are working on the go, and our updated iOS app further simplifies the essential process of time tracking,” said Chris Wilson, President and CEO of Function Point, in a press release.

Function Point Productivity Software is designed for design studios, marketing firms and internal marketing departments. The full suite combines project management, time tracking, CRM (customer relationship management), financial and business reporting tools. Because it’s cloud-based, it requires no installation or time-consuming maintenance.

More information on the software and app can be found on Function Point’s website, or the app can be downloaded by searching for Function Point on the iOS App Store.