Cloud-based apps are critical for SMBs, and that extends to cloud-based HR apps. Yesterday, August 1, GetApp released its 25 top cloud-based HR apps – and apps designed for the needs of SMBs garnered several of the top spots.

The Q3 rankings from GetApp, a Gartner company, provide a springboard for businesses searching for cloud-based HR apps. GetApp ranked these apps using five separate data points worth a maximum of 20 points each:

  • Reviews (the number on GetApp)
  • Integrations with other applications
  • Mobile (availability for iOS and Android)
  • Media (Facebook fans and Twitter followers)
  • Security (based on a security survey by GetApp)

BambooHR won the top spot. GetApp describes it as “personalized HR software for SMBs.” Its strengths include its user-friendliness. BambooHR is designed to be used by employees and HR managers, all the way up to advanced IT professionals. It’s web-based and accessible by mobile devices (iOS and Android), meaning there’s no software download. Pricing is based on the number of employees being managed and begins at $99 per month.

WebHR, which came in second, is an “all in one social HR software” app. It’s more broadly geared toward freelancers all the way up to large enterprises. It’s another web-based app that’s also accessible via iOS and Android. Pricing may be extremely attractive to very small businesses; it’s free for up to five employees, then is $19.99 per month for up to 10 employees and $1 per employee per month over that.

CezanneHR scored third on GetApp’s list of cloud-based HR apps. It doesn’t have data backup in multiple regions. However, it gears itself to small businesses, midsize businesses, and nonprofits. CezanneHR is also web-based and accessible via mobile devices. Pricing is based on how many employees are under management, and it starts at $200 per month.

GetApp has the full results available on its website, and the rankings serve as a good starting point for small businesses looking for HR software. GetApp is a business app discovery platform.