Google is about to change the way small businesses access the Internet. Today, July 12, the company announced the availability of Google Fiber outside the Early Access program. Businesses will be able to choose from three different plans, based on their needs. For small businesses in Fiber cities, this means speedy, reliable connections with pricing and usage flexibility.

The three Google Fiber plans offer speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps upload and download. All three have no data caps, meaning small businesses can upload and download as much data as they need. They also all include network boxes with high-performance Wi-Fi, gigabit routing and firewall protection. Businesses can also add up to 13 static IP addresses for an additional fee. The pricing ranges from $70 per month for the 100 Mbps plan to $250 per month for the 1,000 Mbps plan.

Currently, only small businesses in Charlotte have access to the new Google Fiber plans. However, Google is encouraging small businesses in Kansas City, Provo, Austin and Nashville to sign up for Early Access before July 31. August 1, 2016, Google plans to launch Fiber in these cities. To check for availability, visit

Users are excited about the possibility of a more reliable option. According to Twitter user Bot Nik, “The realm of #comcast #xfinity is #Borked #googlefiber is our only hope #pokemongo.”

Other users are more cautious. Tweeted Jesse Tucker, “They’re installing Google Fiber in my building….is that good? Do I want that? #googlefiber #eatmorefiber #CanadiansWouldSayFibre.”

Ultimately, any competition is good for small businesses, as they’ll have more options for high-speed Internet. Whether or not Fiber will gain widespread adoption depends on how much pain is being caused by current Internet service providers.

Small business owners, if you had the choice, would you choose Fiber? Do you operate in a Fiber city already? Will you make the switch?