SMBs may not know where to start with paid search campaigns. Yesterday, April 3, Manta released a new white paper to offer assistance with pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. The white paper, entitled “A Small Business Guide to Maximizing Paid Search Results – Part 2,” is the second in Manta’s white paper series. It provides recommendations for launching a small business paid search campaign with Google AdWords.

The goal for paid search campaigns is to drive leads, increase sales and create a base of engaged and loyal customers. Manta’s new white paper breaks down what’s involved in these campaigns. There are seven elements to consider when building an AdWords campaign (the most fruitful for SMBs): branding type, keyword match types, location settings, hours settings, device settings, ad copy and budget.

“In today’s digital-first world, Google AdWords has become an increasingly valuable way for small business owners to expand their local footprint by driving website traffic, generating new leads and even retaining current customers,” said Dario Ambrosini, COO of Manta, in a press release.

John Swanciger, CEO of Manta, advocates a few tips to small business owners looking to bolster their Google AdWords campaigns:

  1. Enforce a strong keyword branding strategy: At the very outset, SMBs need to learn about the available options for keyword branding: branded, non-branded and competitive conquesting.
  2. Adopt broad match when beginning a campaign: Broad match helps SMBs discover which keywords drive the most traffic. In turn, this helps SMBs refine their strategy and iterate their campaigns.
  3. Limit ad targeting to locations with current or planned reach: It’s all about location when it comes to paid search campaigns. The best way for SMBs is to identify their business service areas, as well as the areas they want to serve in the future.
  4. Make the most of ad copy for conversions and clicks: Without great copy, the paid search campaign will go nowhere. SMBs need to optimize ad copy to get clicks and conversions. Therefore, business owners need to also learn about expanded text ads and ad extensions, as well as keep their messages clear and concise.

Download Manta’s full white paper here to learn more about how small businesses can bolster their PPC skills to deploy successful AdWords campaigns.