For an introverted entrepreneur, being stuck in an elevator – or going to a networking event – can, in itself, feel like a disaster. At the MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum in Boston less than 48 hours ago on Thursday, Oct. 10, Jill Foster, founder of LiveYourTalk, advised attendees of the three categories of networking disasters and how to overcome them.

Disasters in adrenaline.

These “nervous belly” disasters mean entrepreneurs and businesspeople can miss out on opportunities, like the time Foster was in an elevator with Ariana Huffington and could have introduced herself and gotten an interview, but instead froze. To overcome this disaster, Foster advised attendees to have questions ready that would accommodate adrenaline, like “What motivates you?” and “What has surprised you lately?”

Disasters in messaging.

Unstated messages can say a lot, particularly posture. Foster advised attendees to invest in self-awareness. “Is my energy physically resonant with the energy and clarity I want to convey?” she asked. One common messaging disaster is playing with a smartphone while meeting people, and Foster emphasized the importance of putting away the smartphone and prioritizing people.

Disasters in perception.

Never go into a networking event with a sense of entitlement and a narrow view of how people should respond, according to Foster. Instead, she advised attendees to have a healthy, broad perception of the event and research the people who would be there to better gauge how to interact with them.

Using these tips, entrepreneurs can network more effectively – and less painfully.