Entrepreneurial developers and investors have already swarmed Facebook, iOS and Android platforms with apps. With the recent announcement of the Google Glass store for Glassware apps, these same entrepreneurs want to know how to develop and invest in the most revenue-generating apps, and they can. Yesterday, July 2, AppData announced that its platform for indexing Facebook, iOS and Android apps now extends to Glassware, too.

While the Google Glass platform is still new, developers are already flocking to it to create apps. Shazaam and Duolingo are two of the apps available, with more to come. But it’s hard to figure out which ones are actually profitable, which poses problems for entrepreneurial developers and their investors. AppData takes the guesswork out of it, ranking apps by the number of downloads and revenue generated from them.

This is good news for current and prospective AppData users. Google Glass is still very new, and it is at the forefront of the wearable technology revolution. As entrepreneurs have seen with smartphones and tablets, wearables are poised to be the next big platform for app development. Ignoring it could cost them dearly.

“Google Glass is the next generation platform, and we’re positioning investors and developers to make the most of it,” said J. Scott Johnson, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of AppData, in a press release. “We’ve baked in Glass app support, making it literally a point-and-click interface for users to learn more about app performance and giving our users another important vector to track mobile application success.”

One of the biggest benefits of AppData is that it does update information throughout the day. This lets developers and investors view current data on app performance, allowing them to focus their efforts on apps that will produce ROI. AppData offers subscription plans that allow users to view data as far back as 2008 for supported platforms, as well as 30 days of complimentary data on its site.