Yesterday, April 8 and today, April 9 marked the releases of several software products for entrepreneurs in the retail and craft brewery sectors, as well as a product for invoicing. These four new products help small businesses compete on the same level as their larger counterparts by offering mobile and cloud-based options.

eSlip simplifies invoicing, payments

Invoicing, timekeeping and expense reporting often fall by the wayside for busy entrepreneurs, small business owners and consultants. InfoStreet, Inc. partnered with eSlip to introduce eSlip’s invoice management software to the SkyDesktop, according to a press release issued today, April 9. The software resides in the cloud, requiring no downloads and meaning it is accessible from any internet-enabled device. eSlip’s feature set includes invoicing, time tracking, estimates and expense monitoring. It allows entrepreneurs, consultants and small business owners to invoice either by email or postal mail, as well as accept payment online. Users can also export expense reports to Excel formats.

Tablet payment solution introduced at ETA TRANSACT conference

Tablet payments are gaining traction in retail locations, but the cost is often tough to justify. At the ETA TRANSACT conference yesterday, April 8, PayAnywhere announced a free touchscreen tablet and stand with a built-in credit card reader. According to the press release, the pricing model begins at 1.69 percent for swiped transactions, and PayAnywhere also offers robust back-end analytics so that merchants can track their sales, as well as create inventories and generate custom real-time sales reports. Retailers can also email receipts to their customers. PayAnywhere, mindful of security, also includes data encryption, tokenization and fraud protection to protect both retailers and their customers.

Digital gift card solution delivers credits to mobile devices

More customers are using their mobile phones as mobile wallets, and small businesses often don’t have the technology to keep up. Yesterday, April 8 Gyft Inc. announced Gyft Cloud, which allows small businesses to sell digital gift cards to customers. The gift cards can be delivered to the customer’s mobile device instantly, which are securely stored and easily redeemable through the retailer’s point-of-sale system. Gyft Cloud also allows retailers to drive repeat business by issuing store credits and easily adding to the balance of existing gift cards. Gyft Cloud will launch in the Clover App Market next month.

Small breweries can track shipments with BeerMappr

Many of the small craft breweries do not have the technology to track where their beers are shipped and distributed. Yesterday, April 8 Digital Relativity announced a new digital tool, BeerMappr, to help breweries answer the question often asked by prospective customers: “Where can I buy your beer?”

Brewers are merely the first rung in a ladder that next climbs to wholesale distributors, then retailers and finally the public. They also must deal with state laws that may prevent breweries from advertising their products at certain retailers. BeerMappr shows all the locations where the brewery’s beer is sold with no favoritism, making it one of the few legal marketing tools available. One brewery, Bridge Brew Works, simply uploads its depletion map to show customers where to buy its product.