Yesterday, April 7 marked an afternoon of entrepreneurship at the 2014 Northeast Ohio Entrepreneur Expo, held in the Ames Family Atrium of the Cleveland Museum of Art and sponsored by JumpStart Inc. According to published reports, attendees included investors, entrepreneurs, advisors and vendor exhibitors, and several trends emerged from the Expo.

Physical products are very viable.

At the Expo, tangible products, not downloadable, stood out as particularly promising. Ranging from Cleveland Whiskey’s bourbon to Sprav shower monitoring devices and even the nPowerPeg, a rechargeable battery powered by walking, these products were innovative and geared toward consumers.

Students hit the entrepreneurship ground running.

Students are swarming the ranks of entrepreneurs, bringing youthful energy and optimism to the already enthusiastic entrepreneurial ranks. Seasoned entrepreneurs mixed with young idealists, networking and exchanging ideas – along with business cards.

Startups need employees.

As some of the more mature startups have taken off, they’ve also been searching for employees. Several are looking for talent, ranging from software specialists to sales and administrative personnel.

It’s okay to use mom as a stand-in.

One entrepreneur won an award and had to step away from his booth. So he called in a ringer: his mother.