The last thing a small business needs is to lose all the information on its network. NovaStor announced yesterday, September 7 the release of NovaBACKUP Network, billed as high-speed network backup software for small business. It protects Windows Servers and can recover Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, and virtual environments, without the big-budget price tag. This makes it ideal for SMBs with robust network environments but smaller IT budgets.

NovaBACKUP uses a single interface for network backup and restore. A graphical user interface means the network backup software utilizes clear tables structures and a streamlined design. It also reduces the possibility of human error. Media supported includes NAS, RDX and tapes, so it integrates with existing hardware. NovaBACKUP provides central management. This allows users to store media in multiple locations, which is important for protecting against data loss in the event of a localized threat like a natural disaster.

Being able to back up and restore quickly is just as important as backing up and restoring. NovaBACKUP Network uses multi-streaming technologies to back up jobs in parallel. This means two more more jobs are being backed up, up to 128 streams of data at a time.

NovaStor also wants to meet SMBs on their budgets. The company offers three license packages that support two, three or up to four physical or virtual servers. All installations of NovaBACKUP include a complete support package for future upgrades and one year of premium support. The  company also offers a free trial of its network backup software.

What’s important for SMBs to note is that backing up is critical. Most IT integrators will recommend offsite backup as well as an on-site solution. It’s up to you, as a business owner, to do your due diligence and choose network backup software that meets your needs and allows you to quickly back up and recover data, particularly if you operate in an area prone to disaster.