Yesterday, February 14, ProProfs showed some love to SMBs with the launch of its Forever Free knowledge base plan. Forever Free lets users build a knowledge base of 40 pages at no cost. It’s ideal for small businesses and companies that don’t need a lot of room in their public or private knowledge bases.

The Forever Free knowledge base doesn’t require installing or downloading software. It does offer some great features that SMBs can leverage:

  • Unlimited authors, sites and users allow companies to create as many knowledge bases as they want with as many users as they want. They can still control what kind of access users have, like granting editor, reader and administrator rights.
  • Integrations and single sign-on lets companies integrate the ProProfs knowledge bases with other services, including Google, Salesforce and Single Sign-on providers. This is for authentication purposes.
  • Anytime, anywhere access lets users view and edit documents on multiple devices, including iOS and Android devices.
  • Easy collaboration lets SMBs build private knowledge bases that are accessible only to them. ProProfs offers advanced features like workflows and conditional logic for these applications.
  • Email and phone support in case you need assistance.

What is a knowledge base?

A knowledge base is, in its simplest form, an information repository. Many small businesses use them for help desk documents, frequently asked questions and training information. Often, the knowledge base is updated regularly.

For SMBs, having a knowledge base can make it easier to find documents like employee manuals or procedures. A lot of companies already have something like this in place, but it’s not indexed. For example, a lot of SMBs store documents on a shared drive. Users have to open multiple documents to find the one they want. With a knowledge base, they can search for the document in a fraction of the time.

If your company gets a lot of customer questions, knowledge bases make it easier for customers to find information themselves, like how to use a product.

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