When most marketers think of Facebook, they think it’s a great tool for business to consumer (B2C) companies – but not really worth the time for business to business (B2B) marketing. Three top marketers took to the stage today, Oct. 10 at the MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum in Boston to debunk that myth and offer tips for B2B brands to maximize their Facebook presences.

While Joel Book, principal of marketing insights at Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Katie Keating, engagement strategist at IBM focused on what large companies can do, Amanda Maksymiw, content marketing manager at Lattice Engines, zeroed in on what Lattice as a startup has done to drive engagement on Facebook.

A lot of the content Maksymiw creates for Lattice is educational, and she took the strategy to social media. The first step, then, is to humanize the brand, which not only helps to attract and retain talent (since many of Lattice’s Facebook fans are its employees) but also puts a face to the company. Lattice’s Facebook page features a cover image of all the employees in the San Mateo, California office, for example.

Facebook also offers a lot of data for marketers, and Lattice has experimented with targeting and uploading lists, according to Maksymiw. Re-targeting influencers, which helps the company spread word of media exposure and accolades, is also part of the company’s Facebook strategy.

The big takeaway, however, is that small B2B companies and startups get the best Facebook engagement results by using pictures with short text, around 10 words or less, Maksymiw said. “It boils down to being short and sweet,” she added.