Small business owners and entrepreneurs who need software may not be able to spare the expense for robust solutions. Enter the Small Business Web Directory, announced today, Jan. 16 by AppDirect and the Small Business Web, which will utilize open APIs to deliver software designed for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The Small Business Web Directory will offer nearly 200 applications to small business owners, said AppDirect and the Small Business Web in a prepared statement.

Meanwhile, application developers, also entrepreneurs, have an opportunity to distribute the products they’ve worked on and reach a broad audience of small business owners and fellow entrepreneurs. The AppDirect platform that backs the Small Business Web Directory lets them integrate their applications and make them automatically available, as well as manage their products and bundle applications together.

By utilizing open APIs to create an open platform, developers are better able to integrate their applications, and end users are better able to find what they need and transcend the limitations of enterprise software, which often comes with restrictions.