After a three-month hiatus, SMB Soup is narrowing its focus to SMB marketing for 2018. With the plethora of marketing options available for small business owners, SMB Soup believes readers will benefit more from a concentrated focus on these tactics to boost their marketing footprint, gain visibility, enhance credibility, and ultimately drive sales, including:

  • Online marketing. Many SMB owners struggle with getting the basics into place, whether it’s a website, pay-per-click ads, or online business listings. As part of its ongoing SMB marketing coverage, SMB soup will dive into these and other online marketing topics for small and mid-size businesses.
  • Social media marketing. Algorithm changes and paid ads have changed the way SMBs use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. SMB Soup is poised to explain how to leverage each platform for maximum ROI.
  • Content marketing. The idea of content marketing may seem impossible for many SMBs struggling just to get the basics of small business marketing completed. However, SMB Soup will provide advice for small and mid-size businesses to create content marketing initiatives that are manageable and fruitful.
  • Public relations. There is more to small business public relations that just sending press releases. SMB Soup will help small and mid-size businesses develop toolkits to generate more earned media coverage, as well as expose opportunities for press coverage that lie in plain sight.
  • Marketing technology. CRM, e-mail marketing, sales enablement – what? The marketing technology space is a bit of an alphabet soup. SMB Soup decodes what you need (and what you don’t). Better yet, we can tell you which free tools work just as well as the pricey paid ones.

Along with the new focus will come new SMB marketing services, provided by Christine Parizo of Christine Parizo Communications. These services will range from marketing starter kits to website copy, press releases, content marketing, and other valuable services for small and mid-size businesses looking to boost their marketing footprint in 2018. New services will be available in Q2 2018. To be alerted when these new SMB marketing services become available, sign up for our newsletter here.