Software entrepreneurs need to act quickly or risk having their ideas become obsolete. Today, Nov. 4, Starcounter launched a program to support early-stage software development. Starcounter’s high-performance in-memory engine powers resources that make it possible for software entrepreneurs to develop their software and offer it to customers.

It’s no secret in the software development world that bite-size chunks of software that can be easily integrated are much more valuable than single-purpose, monolithic applications. Microservices and SOA are based on this principle, and software entrepreneurs are rising to the challenge by developing interoperable software components to build custom software ecosystems.

Delivering that can be a challenge, which makes Starcounter’s program a logical solution. Software entrepreneurs can apply for Starcounter’s program on its website. Once approved, entrepreneurs have a wealth of resources readily available, including the unlimited use of Starcounter’s technology, as well as pre-built applications, tutorials, patches and software development support. Being part of the program also means assistance from Starcounter in building and implementing launch and marketing strategies for the entrepreneurs’ creations.

Starcounter’s in-memory application engine can support up to 3 million transactions per second (TPS). The engine includes a platform to develop complex applications using fewer lines of code, efficiently bringing new software and applications to customers and speeding the time to market, thereby allowing software entrepreneurs to begin reaping the benefits of their hard work.

André Hegge, a serial entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of Adfenix, is one of the first partners approved on Starcounter’s platform. He needed a platform that would quickly allow him to deploy the ad tool he had developed. “With Starcounter, we were able to quickly bring our idea to fruition and offer a production-ready system in just four months,” he said in a press release.

Iterating quickly can help software entrepreneurs get their products to market faster, work out bugs and ultimately generate more revenue. And that’s exactly what Starcounter’s platform aims to do.