About Us

Marketing for small business doesn’t have to be confusing.

Content marketing. Social media. Advertising. PPC. KPIs. CMS. BR. CRM. PR. For some small businesses, learning about marketing is like swimming through a bowl of alphabet soup. It’s not enough to buy ad space or airtime. That’s why SMB Soup exists. Formerly known as the Houston Entrepreneurship Examiner, we provide the resources for entrepreneurs and SMBs to make sense of all the letters swimming in your marketing mix.

We weed through the hype, whether it’s the latest social media trend or a customer relationship management (CRM) system that promises miracles. (Spoiler alert: there are no miracles, just hard work and cold, hard data.)

Small business marketing news

Our news coverage focuses on conferences and developments in marketing. We attend as many marketing conferences as we can and provide key takeaways as they relate to SMBs and entrepreneurs. We also review books, courses, and other materials related to marketing for small business.

Small business marketing guides

Our ongoing projects are small business marketing guides. Whether it’s using social media, website best practices, or content marketing, we help you identify where you can improve and what to do to get ROI from your marketing programs. We also help you cut through the marketing software hype in our guides.

Marketing may stay the same, but trends change quickly. The big trend now may be gone tomorrow. It’s worth it to stay on top of trends – so that your small business can be on top of its competitors. Don’t be intimidated; SMB Soup breaks down marketing for small business so that you can do what you do best: run your business.