Growing your business is difficult, and if you don’t have marketing experience, it gets even harder. The 1-Page Marketing Plan simplifies marketing for entrepreneurs and small businesses and provides a single page template with plenty of inspiration to map out your own marketing plan and accelerate business growth.

In an easy-to-digest book that gives you the nine-square, single-page template right away, author Allan Dib provides advice for each stage of your marketing plan. He hits the “before” phase that many entrepreneurs and small business owners may skip as they’re starting their business: target marketing and crafting a message. He hits on lead capture and nurturing as well as sales conversion and even delves into customer experience as a component of marketing.

This book is specifically for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It actually cautions against big business-style marketing tactics (like taking out giant ads that target everyone but reach no one) and zeros in on what will work for small and mid-size businesses. Dib also provides insight on how to close sales and provide better customer service, making The 1-Page Marketing Plan more than just a marketing book.

But the marketing advice is pretty solid, and it’s easy to digest. Dib lays out a step-by-step process for small businesses and entrepreneurs to use as they fill out the nine-square template. He’s even created a web page with resources, like the template itself to download, as well as videos and articles referenced in the book.

While I wouldn’t call The 1-Page Marketing Plan a comprehensive marketing book, it does a good job laying out what small business owners and entrepreneurs need to jump-start business growth by reaching their target markets.

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