One of the things small businesses can do to keep up with larger companies is to offer gift cards. However, it can be an expensive and time-consuming proposition to make it possible. Enter Gyft Inc., which today, Oct. 27 announced the availability of the Gyft Business app on the Clover App Market. Gyft Business, a gift card app, lets small or midsize businesses (SMBs) that use a Clover point-of-sale (POS) system to allow customers to purchase and reload gift cards easily.

Clover itself is one of the leading POS providers in the US, and the Clover App Market offers over 100 apps geared toward restaurants, retailers and service businesses. According to a published interview of Mark Schulze, head of the Clover App Market, Gyft is one of the more popular apps available.

Gyft Business lets SMBs offer digital and plastic gift cards and manage them from any Clover Station, Mobile or Mini device. Vendors can also use the gift card app’s online merchant portal to order custom gift cards, review and analyze sales metrics and access support 24/7, all critical for small business owners and entrepreneurs who may be catching up on digital paperwork after closing time.

SMBs that already have their own gift card programs can switch over to Gyft Business, which is free to install and doesn’t have a monthly fee to use the gift card app. Gyft Business lets SMBs convert existing gift cards so that they can be easily used during checkout by scanning, swiping or manually entering the gift card information into the POS.

“The Gyft [Business] app has created an efficient and simplified way for us to issue and redeem gift cards,” Amy Keppeler, owner of The Barn Owl, a boutique in Delafield, Wis., said in a press release. “Not only has it driven more business for us, it has given my customers more purchasing and gifting options.”

According to a recent study from the National Retail Federation, SMBs that jump on the gift card bandwagon are in the right place, as consumers put gift cards at the top of their wish lists – and have for nearly a decade. Additionally, SMBs can bring in more business by offering gift cards, as over one-third of gift card recipients are new customers. Gift cards are a reminder to consumers to come into the store, boosting the bottom line.