As if search engine marketing and local search marketing aren’t complicated enough, there’s Google My Business. Google is where businesses are found by prospects and customers. But it’s not just as simple as having a great Google ranking on the first page.

Google My Business takes local search marketing one step further. A Google My Business profile lets SMBs link their listings to Google Analytics, and therein lies the power. Google Analytics provides SMBs with a ton of information about customers and prospects, which can help improve marketing strategies. Here’s how SMBs can use Google My ┬áBusiness to their advantage.

Uncover useful keywords

When you connect your Google business profile to Google Analytics, you can find out what keywords customers are using to find you. Google Analytics will display what site and profile visitors typed into the search bar. You’ll see the actual terms customers are using, which you can then use to further enhance your listing and your web presence.

View visitor behavior

What do customers do after they find your Google My Business listing? Google Analytics will provide you with the path they take: checking hours, calling or visiting the website, for example. This can help you uncover how your customers prefer to interact with you, as well as find any weaknesses in your listing.

Know your customers’ locations

If your customers use Google Maps or click for directions in your business listing, Google My Business will tell you where they’re coming from. This helps with location marketing tactics. Your customers may be coming from closer than you think – or may be making a special trip. It helps to know so you can target the correct venues with advertising. If you can match up demographic information to location, your marketing can become even more targeted.

Online presence is critical, but so is knowing about customers. Google My Business can help SMBs pinpoint trends and refine their marketing.