It’s that time of year again, when March Madness brackets dominate desktops and otherwise apathetic fans enthusiastically root for teams. Money may change hands, too, and all that plotting, planning and cheering can also mean more money for entrepreneurs.

Business itself is a competition, and here are a few things entrepreneurs can learn from March Madness to gain a competitive edge.

Plan for success.

Before March Madness, teams and their coaches plan to win. For entrepreneurs, that means creating a business plan, writing a marketing plan and setting goals to meet for their businesses.

Give it your all.

During the game, college basketball players give everything they’ve got. Entrepreneurs need to do the same. Treat every client as if he were your only client; work on every project as if it were the first trial run in a gamut of work. This leads to repeat business and success as an entrepreneur.

Believe in yourself.

Before the March Madness games, coaches give their athletes pep talks, and the athletes themselves use positive affirmations (“We can do this! Yeah!”). As an entrepreneur, give yourself a pep talk every morning, because you can do this. You can be successful in business — all you have to do, some mornings, is believe.