Top five entrepreneurial lessons from Out of Reach but in Sight

When entrepreneurs hear the word “impossible,” they think, “game on.” So it’s no surprise that Out of Reach but in Sight: Using Goals to Achieve Your Impossible by Andrew LaCivita thumbs its nose at the notion of impossibility and provides ways for entrepreneurs, small business owners and any reader who wants to break through challenges to achieve their dreams.

The book delivers bite-size lessons, all gleaned from a speech given by LaCivita to the Western Golf Association’s Career and Exposition Day. These lessons break down what it takes to set goals, how high readers should reach (hint: as high as they can imagine), and how to follow through on their goals. Even better, the book is easily digestible, so it’s perfect for entrepreneurs hopping on a short flight or train ride to their next client meeting or conference.

LaCivita is the CEO of Chicago-based executive search firm milewalk and also the author of Interview Intervention: Communication That Gets You Hired, a book that speaks to both sides of the interviewing table. As an executive recruiter, author and inspirational speaker, LaCivita draws upon his own experience in Out of Reach but in Sight to motivate readers to achieve their goals. He emphasizes the process and, yes, the journey, which is critical to reaching the endpoint. But he also talks about which goals to set, because everyone has a different definition of success. Here are the top five lessons (out of many) from the book.

Ask a lot of questions.

Setting goals is about more than just picking a spot in the distance. It’s about knowing which target to hit. By asking questions, you’re better able to gauge what will work for you and ultimately lead to happiness.

Know that every day matters.

Sure, the big things are important: getting that once-in-a-lifetime client, running a sub-4:00 marathon. But every day, every step matters just as much: the work you put in to land that client, or the training you completed to run the marathon. Make each day count.

Goals should enhance what you love.

If your goals are making you sick to your stomach, they’re not the right goals. As LaCivita says, goals are vehicles to enhance something you already love. If you love to work with your hands, but your goal is to become the best BPEL specialist around, you’re probably going to loathe that goal and give up on it.

Successful people are passionate.

According to LaCivita, successful people have passion, vision and commitment to their goals. It stems from having goals that enhance what they love. It’s rare to see a successful person who is just going through the motions.

Know the difference between outcome goals and process goals.

LaCivita goes on to explain the difference between outcome goals and process goals in the book, but essentially outcome goals are focused on the end result, while process goals focus on the journey. According to LaCivita, those who set process goals are happier.

For more, read Out of Reach but in Sight: Using Goals to Achieve Your Impossible, available in paperback and for Kindle devices.

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